About Us​




Webs Online was set up by Vicky Knocker in 2012 after years of hands on experience using the internet as an online tool to buy and sell products and services.  Vicky has created Webs Online because she has a passion for making technical things less complicated. She also believes that web sites should be up to date, relevant and that they should be simple and easy to use (as opposed to over complicated where only a very small part of the functionality is used). 


Vicky has worked in a number of diverse business sectors including Horse Racing, Pubs/Hotels, Online Shopping (E-commerce) and the Automotive Sector. The rest of her Team have experience in many other business sectors including Web Design, Programming, Small Business Start Ups, Property Development, Business Process Consultancy, Commercial Aviation and Government Services so if Vicky doesn't know much about your business sector then she is very likely to know someone who does!