Website Options


Design Costs (from)
Option 1  Standard  £300
Option 2  Standard Plus  £400
Option 3  Premium  from £800

This cost includes the set up, design and creation of the website and can vary from a simple brochure web site (Option 1) design to a sophisticated Internet-Shop (Option 3)

Hosting costs


Prices start  at around £6 per month and can be paid monthly or annually.

The cost of Hosting your website on the internet is paid by you direct to the Hosting Company. The amount will of course vary slightly depending on which host and hosting option you choose but essentially this payment allows you to place your web site on your Host Companies Server so that your web site can be seen on the internet. 

The website can be updated at anytime and as often as you want.

Server Hosting has grown into a sophisticated business these days. Originally most people hosted things locally on servers (computers!) in their own offices but now specialist Hosting Companies have evolved into businesses which offer banks of servers in a secure and super clean environment (these days they are also likely to be terrorist/earthquake/fire and explosion proof too!) .  The Hosting Service normally now includes a complete set of back up servers which replicate all the information held on the main servers as well as emergency back up power for any sudden power failures.  All this together with much faster internet speeds makes the use of a Hosted Services (as opposed to using a locally owned computer) very appealing to all website owners.

Ongoing running cost of keeping your website up to date and fresh.

There is very little point in placing a website on the internet if the information on it is out of date because if it is there is a good chance that people who look at it will think the same applies to your business!  These days most businesses own their sites so they can easily update the site themselves or pay someone like us to keep it relevant and up to date for them; this might include changing photos or video links on the site or uploading the latest news and product information on the site.  The cost for webs online to do this for you would largely depend on how large the site is and how often the site needs to be checked and updated.

Webs online would be happy to discuss on going running costs with you but please don't forget having a website that is up to date is an extremely important part of the whole internet marketing process.