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Website Options


Design Costs (from)
Option 1  Standard  £300
Option 2  Standard Plus  £400
Option 3  Premium  from £800

This cost includes the set up, design and creation of the website to getting it live on the interent. It can vary from a simple brochure web site (Option 1) design to a sophisticated Internet-Shop (Option 3).

Hosting costs


Prices start at around £8 per month and can be paid monthly or annually.

The cost of Hosting your website on the internet is paid by you direct to the Hosting Company. This payment allows you to place your web site on your Host Companies Server so that your web site can be seen on the internet. 

The website can be updated at anytime and as often as you want.

Keeping your website up to date

We can teach you how to up date your website or if you find you haven't got time we would be happy to do it for you on an hourly rate.